Ending the weekend with gratitude

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I discovered this linkup while sitting out on the balcony with my computer.  The idea is that several bloggers write on the same topic and link their blogs together in order to share the gratitude.  Wonderful meditation topic and great to see what other people are grateful for this week.  Without further ado - -

There's no better way to end the weekend than reflecting on all of the blessings in my life, large and small. This is the perfect moment to write this post. Every weekend I have a super long to-do list, filled with things to do. The list isn't entirely errands, it might also include something fun.

This weekend, for example, A & I got in our first training bike ride for tour de cure. The ride went really well. A has necrosis in my hips from his chemo treatments, so we both expected him to have trouble...and he did...but he managed to keep up with me in the 94-degree heat and even seemed to be having lots of fun. "There's nothing I love more than riding bikes," he said afterward, while admitting that he was in lots of pain. (I guess a wonderful, selfless husband who is willing to help me raise funds to cure my disease while in lots of pain because of his would be the first thing on my gratitude list!) 

But, anyway, this small moment after dinner on Sunday is usually the one time in my week where I feel like I've accomplished enough and am calm. Tonight I'm sitting out on the balcony listening to this and just letting the breeze blow in my face.  Here is my (light) list for this moment:

  • this moment of peace
  • my father (it is father's day after all)
  • apartment balconies and twinkle lights
  • hot yoga
  • the fact that my friends have great taste in music and introduce me to new stuff
  • a supportive, non-competitive family
  • watermelon
  • camp fires
  • stars
  • the way my husband holds me, and the fact that he's willing to do it a lot!
  • all the risk-takers out there, whether they be musical artists, folks starting business, trying new medical research techniques - - I'm horrible at taking risks and appreciate everyone who does it frequently
  • peach iced tea
  • summer evenings
I hope y'all get a moment to reflect on a few of the wonderful pieces of your life before the week ramps up again.

xs, os,


  1. What a wonderful list! So glad you joined in on the Gratitude Linkup - thank you for sharing a piece of your life. :)

  2. Yay for bike rides and fun! :)

  3. Great list and welcome to the Gratitude Linkup. I love summer evenings especially having a great view to look at the stars