Expert panel declines to recommend universal Vitamin D screening

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Since I so adamantly recommended getting screened for Vitamin-D deficiency here, I would be remiss if I didn't write an update to let you know about the story today that a government panel considering recommending widespread screening for Vitamin D deficiency for all adults declined to recommend the screening.  Although studies have shown that low Vitamin D levels are correlated with many of America's top health problems and most Americans may be deficient, the panel found it significant that it is unclear whether or not the deficiency is a causally related to those health problems or whether low levels are a result of unhealthy lifestyle.  The panel also noted that there is disagreement regarding what level of Vitamin D should actually be considered "low."

I noted in my entry that supplements may not actually be protective, but I still appreciate knowing that I'm deficient.  First, I am now taking a supplement and so if it is helpful then I have that covered.  There is no evidence that it is harmful in small amounts.  Second, even if simply taking a supplement will not help me, I appreciate knowing that level, which provides me with extra motivation to live healthfully.

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