Wellness Wednesday: link to ankle exercises for mobility/strength and diagnostic tests

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ankle mobility/range of motion is extremely important to injury prevention.  The more I have researched this, the more I see sports therapists talking about the importance, to the general public, of testing ankle range of motion and working to correct deficiencies to prevent injuries.  The screening tests are really simple and the impact is pretty big, even for non-diabetics.

If you don't have the appropriate range of motion in your ankle, then you can't walk or run improperly and you'll start making up for the inability with improper form.  And you can screen your ankle mobility in your office, in less than a minute, on your own, without any medical training.  Take a second to check it out and confirm that your years of high-heels haven't affected your ankles.

This post follows on the heels of yesterday's post regarding dorsiflexion and range of ankle motion.  After doing just a little bit of research on limited range of ankle motion/dorsiflexion and screening tests, I liked the link below the best.  I think my goal will be to complete the recommended work-out a few times a week.  Maybe I'll turn this into an additional home work-out and add an extra ten minutes of HIIT to make for something that feels pretty complete.  And then I can pretend I'm doing two-a-days.  Haha.

I am not doing these workouts everyday.  My research on this issue revealed some additional screening tests you can do and I don't seem to fail all of those.  For example, I can do the weight-bearing lunge test where you place your toes four inches from the wall and attempt to make your knee touch.  So, I'm not sure how bad my ankles are and I think my hot yoga accomplishes some of the same stretching.  I am going to make sure I do this some, though, because I clearly have some stiffness and I'm diabetic, so I know I'm at risk.

I'll be acquiring a protractor to test my ankle angle lying down and to see if I can increase that any with these exercises.  I'll keep you all posted!

Here's the link I'm using for my exercises: Ankle screening & exercises.

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