Soccer on a Monday evening

Monday, June 16, 2014

It's around 8 p.m. Monday and I just walked in the door a few minutes ago.  I managed to be convinced by co-workers to go watch the World Cup game at a bar downtown after work.  One wonderful thing about working in downtown Houston is that there are lots of places to eat lunch and grab a drink after work.  One horrible thing about working in downtown Houston is that there are lots of places to eat lunch and grab a drink after work.

I didn't really know whether or not I'd enjoy watching the game.  I don't know a lot about soccer and while I love sports, a lot of times I don't have enough background knowledge to really enjoy watching.  I mean, I played soccer as a kid, but don't know anything about the current players.  I loved watching the game, though.  Soccer is fast-paced, easy to follow, and there's something about the way so many different countries are involved that I find really appealing.  Today was a great day to watch too.  Despite looking defensive most of the time, the United States managed to beat Ghana and send our local bar into cheers.  I felt myself getting into it too!

The only point at which I felt like an outsider was during one period where I cheered by shouting at the television, "Come on you guys, let's play with a little more inspiration!" while everyone else was yelling lots of angry things.  For some reason, the bar happened to be a little bit quieter at that moment and everyone looked at me and smiled.  I think some anger may have even subsided--but that was not the thing I was supposed to cheer at that moment!

After running in the door, I tossed some chicken into the oven with some apple grill sauce and steamed some broccoli and carrots.  I love love love sauces and chutneys for easy meals on days where I don't get home quite as early as I intended.  After we eat the chicken and veggies, which should be done in a few minutes, we'll have watermelon for dessert!

This hectic Monday evening has been unbeatable and fun so far.  When my co-workers initially suggested I go watch the soccer game with them, I was opposed.  I am strict about routine and feel uncomfortable if I don't get home, work-out, and cook dinner.  But, I've trying to force myself to follow-through on every invitation I receive.  I'm in a new city and need to forge more friendships.  And I'm always glad whenever I take time I think I don't have out of my routine to do something fun.

I may not be so glad when I have to wake up at 6 a.m. tomorrow to get in the run that I skipped, but I know stretching myself will help me be happier long-term.

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