thank goodness it's friday!

Friday, June 20, 2014

This week has just been long!  Intermediate state appellate courts see lots of cases--contract disputes, workers' compensation cases, robberies, sexual assault, murder.  Some of these cases are extremely difficult for a variety of reasons.  Two primary reasons I might find a case draining are the emotional nature of the story presented by the case or the fact that the legal analysis is complicated and messy. The worst cases present both at the same time.

This week, I can almost feel the responsibility pulling around the edges of my eyes.  Needless to say, I was grateful today for an afternoon fire drill.  And since we were all forced outside downtown, a coworker and I snuck in a quick trip to a coffee shop for a chai.  Well, I got a chai.  She ordered two different coffee drinks.  Like I said, by the end of the week, this line of work can be draining!  The cold sweetness was perfect relief.

I am so tired, but I made it here, to this place at the end of the week.  Thank goodness.

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