A quick dose of gratitude

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Because there's no better way to start the day.

1. Yesterday, a friend posted on fb that one of her an old friend (maybe an ex?) who hadn't been in touch for years sent her a text just letting her know that he didn't approve of her going to a music festival and being a hippie and, btw, he couldn't see himself with anyone like that.  "No offense, it's not you, it's just there are some traits I can't handle," he writes.  Okay, obviously, given that you haven't been in touch for a year!  It gave her a laugh and it gave me a laugh.  As I was reflecting on her post, I started wondering who I would send a similar text to if I were going to be ridiculous.  I realized that there isn't really anyone that I know and dislike out there wandering around in the world.  That was really nice.

2. I made the decision to join a hot yoga studio again after several years of practicing on my own with DVDs or online websites.  I used to pick up yoga classes in college, and even a little in law school, before I'd fully grasped all of my longer-term financial responsibilities.  Of course it was something I missed, but it's kinda expensive.  I talked with A a lot before making the decision to spend the money to start up again.  A was, and is, completely supportive and encouraging.

3. I had four days in a row of almost perfect bloodsugars constantly.  I did get low a few times, but I never hit a number above 200.  I was over 160 only a few times.  I felt amazing.  I went for a run in the middle of that stretch and easily tripled what I had been doing normally.  Last night, things started breaking down in bloodsugar world for no apparent reason, my CGM couldn't handle the flip out and cal-errored, and that is all continuing now.  I can't seem to get it down this morning and I wonder if it's because I skipped yoga last night.  How much of an effect does exercise have?  But, I am so grateful for four perfect days.  So rare.

4. A is going to a dear friend's wedding this weekend.  We couldn't both go, but I am so grateful both that he is able to go and that his mother is going to drive down to meet him.  One-on-one quality time with parents seems to drop a lot when you get married.  When both spouses are visiting the parents/in-laws we have so little time together and we all want to maximize it, so it's lots of group interaction.  I'm grateful he'll have this quality time with his mom, and...selfishly, I'm grateful that it worked out so it won't be at a time when I'd have to sacrifice hanging out with her too in order for them to have it!

5. My family videochats every Monday night like clockwork.  It is so ingrained into our system that we all know it is time and if something else comes up during that time, we don't accept the other obligation without re-scheduling the chat.  I am grateful for that routine because it keeps me in touch with my parents, sisters, and brother-in-law.  My sister and brother-in-law recently got back from their honeymoon in Hawaii and I was grateful to be able to hear about it from them.  I'm grateful for that relationship.  And, also, I'm grateful my sister and brother-in-law got married.  I really like my brother-in-law.  And his family.  It doesn't always work out that way.

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