Benefits of a 5-minute run

Thursday, July 31, 2014

An interesting tidbit.  A major study recently concluded that running as little as five minutes per day has long-lasting benefits.  I've had several people tell me that they just aren't a runner.  Unless you have some kind of hip injury or medical issue, you are a runner, the only question is just what your distance is.  This study supports the suggestion that no amount is too small.  I've personally found with running that you build up ability quickly.  According to this recent study, you may not even really need to build up ability.  I still think that as long as I've got my running shoes on, I'd like to knock out at least 30 minutes before I conk out.  I don't believe that five minutes is just as good as 30, at least, it certainly isn't, for me, in terms of de-stressing.  But, it might be good enough to do a lot.

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