Burlap wreath

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I made this wreath in March to welcome spring, but I've kept it on the door all summer.  It had never occurred to me how easy it is to make your own wreath.  It is so easy and I love looking at it every time I come home.

I used a burlap base and spring flowers, but you could easily use a burlap base for flowers any time of the year.

1. Base wreath from craft store
2. Burlap ribbon
3. Fake flowers
4. Wooden letter
5. And I found a cute little burlap owl too, there are all kinds of little options at craft stores.

1. Wrap the burlap around the wreath and tie it.
2. Stick in the flowers.
3. Glue-gun the wooden letter and anything else you want to add.
4. Plop it up on a wreath hanger.

And, of course, it doesn't hurt to have a wonderful friend send you a perfect, engraved Pottery Barn wreath hanger for your birthday.

  Pottery Barn makes all kinds.  And they are fabulous present ideas!

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  1. Visiting from the Whimsey Wednesday link up. This is SO cute! Thanks for sharing :)