Dorking up my workout: the Black Light Run

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Every now and then, you have to throw a loop in your exercise routine.  Saturday night, my friend, L, and I did the Black Light Run.  Normally, a dorky 5k doesn't throw a loop in my exercise routine.  The past few summers in Omaha, I've done multiple dorky 5ks, obstacle-course mud runs, all kinds of things, etc.  But, summer in Houston is a completely different animal.  Because of the heat, I've been sticking to yoga and shying away from running.

This change-up was a great idea.  First, we did really well despite not training.  We completed the entire race and were happy with our time.  Second, even if we'd been running a lot and it wasn't an exercise change-up, adding silliness and fun to a work out is always worth it.

Every woman should run at least one 5k in a tutu.
We spent the day following pinterest tutorials on how to cut up tshirts to make them cute and using glow puff paint on our hairbands and bobby pines.  We spent the night glowing.

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