Org Series #2: Closet Shoe Organizer

Saturday, July 12, 2014

This is my second post in my organizational series and it's going to be a quick one!  It isn't always, but this is the way all organizing should be: quick and easy solutions with a big impact.

When I rediscovered the Container Store last week, I posted on facebook that sympathy cards for A could be directed to our home address in Houston.  But, it turned out he was more enthusiastic than me about my first organization buy: this over-the-door-shoe-organizer.  I did not think I needed one because we do have enough space and I could place myself shoes well on the bottom of the closet floor. It's just that, in reality, day-in and day-out, I don't.

After throwing the organizer up over the door, which was super easy, it took me ~ 15 minutes to go from the before pic to the afters.


(After)                                  (After)                              (Before)

Notice that A now has space for his shoes in the closet.  This was so easy and things are so much better. This was such an improvement that A even agreed to go back to the Container Store with me to look at some kitchen solutions.  Complete victory!

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