Org Series #4: Pantry-shelf-expansion increases small kitchen space

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I love, love, love our apartment, but our kitchen is tiny and our cooking supplies ample.  We have not fully solved our space issue, but we did get a big assist from a shelf-expansion set found at The Container Store.  The pictures speak for themselves on this one.

Yikes.  Our pantry was such a nightmare.  A daily nightmare.  A nightmare so tangled that I couldn't reach anything without knocking over something else by accident.

We were in such desperate straights that we stored our spices on top of the fridge.  No, not because I am super tall and can see up there.  I'm 5'3" on a good day and can't even see what spice I'm grabbing standing on my tip-toes!  Things were getting ridiculous.

When I told A I wanted to install more shelving on the door, he got nervous.  "We can't drill into the door," he told me, so I dragged him along to The Container Store.  "Help me find something!" I pleaded.  Off we went, in the middle of a thunderstorm, actually.  Look, some things are priorities.  I think I picked a good day where A was feeling super generous.  He dropped me off in front of the door while he went to park.  We walked in together, and then...unexpectedly, he started to have the exact same reaction I had to The Container Store.  True love.  "What do you think about this wine rack?"  "Aren't these magnetic spice containers neat?"  Yeah, we both had to take a break to regain focus and get our heads in the game.

We found a shelving unit that hooked onto both the top and bottom of the door, picked out some baskets to add and forced ourselves to run out of the store without walking down another aisle.  Deep inner strength.

A installed the shelves really easily and things started to immediately look better.  Another organizing victory-purchase.

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