Saturday surprise

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My hot-tub, roof-pool plans came up a little short yesterday due to the gloomy weather.  I woke up, made pancakes (Saturday treat), and headed off to hot yoga.  When I returned home, A had left me a note saying that he was out running an errand.

He was trying to stutter: "So, I'd been meaning to tell you that Iiii...I have a crush on you," he said, handing the flowers forward.

 Problem is, he was absolutely confident.  He knew the whole thing was melting my heart and he was clearly pretty pleased with himself for thinking it all up.

Of course, in the real world, none of the execution flaws were a problem.  My arms were squeezed around him and the side of my face squished against him chest way before he had the sentence out.

I let him finish the sentence of course, but our eyes had a different communication as we looked at each other shining.  "Thanks," I said quietly when I ready to do something other than beam.

I was mostly in the moment, but I did notice one little interesting thing about the whole exchange.  It came in my slight observation of our smiles.  You know how you think you have a full smile?  I'm pretty sure that even your cheek/mouth muscles can get stronger and deeper the longer you "hold the pose" and sink into it.  Ours did.  As if we were mirroring each other, our full-smiles widened.  This observation merits reflection, later.

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