Yoga pants, camp chairs & wedding presents/registries

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

As I was ploughing through my e-mail this week, I saw two things that I love in the end/mid-summer deals.  (By the way, I do not have any sponsorships or anything like that, honestly these were just some things I loved.)

First, these 20%-off yoga pants from Sports Authority are kind of awesome.  I love yoga pants that are black-patterned, especially black and gray because it means I can wear a black top.  Black tops are slimming and I always seem to have a few hanging around.  These pants also come in a purple that I love, though.

Second, I saw an ad for camping chairs.  I didn't actually love the camping chairs in the ad, but I wanted to mention that nice, comfortable camping chairs were one of the best items we registered for when we got married.  We use them all the time and I always remember A's aunt, uncle, and cousins buying them for us because it was one of the "different" items.  Registering for them was almost by mistake, I just saw them in the BB&B's summer items section and thought they looked nice.  That move was brilliant.  We use them camping, at summer concerts, symphony, the beach, and they are so comfortable that we often just sit in them out on our patio (although, getting some real, cute furniture out there is on my goals list.)

I mention the camping chairs just because I registered for way too many platters and dishes (they are all super cute though, and yes, we use them all).  Relatedly, I go back and forth on our decision to register for China.  A actually picked out our China pattern and he loves it.  And I love it.  For those reasons, I am happy that we have our own set even though we'll probably inherit some extras from our parents as they tire of them.  We registered for China, intending to use it when we have kids and host holiday meals, so we always intended to have it sitting in a closet the way it is now at this point in our lives.  The thing is, we got only four place-settings at our wedding.  A's mom generously gave us two settings at Christmas, so now we have six.  We aren't really in a position to buy the other six settings, so I could see it taking us five or six years to acquire the full set.  Now, we won't need the full set for longer than that, so maybe it was good planning.  At the same time, did we really want to invest a decade in acquiring a China set that everyone will complain about cleaning over the holidays?  For me, the jury is out.

The verdict is an overwhelming yes on the chairs, though.  I didn't see our particular chairs at BB&B.  I thought this chair, from REI ($39), might be a good option, though.  If you're engaged, just register for these chairs.  If you hate your friend's registry and want to do something outside-the-box, I give camping chairs my full recommendation.  Instead of doing the really nice chairs, there are also some pretty good ones that are fairly cheap--you could combine them with a filled picnic basket for probably the cutest wedding present ever (something I am absolutely keeping in mind).

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