Org Series #6: OXO Containers

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Credit for these OXO Containers actually goes to A.  He first asked for some for Christmas.  Then, we registered for more for our wedding.  One friend, who purchased a few for us informed that she got us the best thing on our registry.  We have now developed a little colony of containers and I have come to love them.

I think the best thing about these containers is that they allow you to store food right on your counter and somehow it almost looks decorative.  The tops are so easy (and kinda fun) to open.  They're BPA-free.  They stack.  They look wonderful.  We use them in kitchen and in the bathroom linen closet to store our medical supplies.  Even my ugly diabetes supplies look kind of cute in these containers.  And an added plus about using them for medical supplies - - since they're clear, I can always easily see when I'm running low.

In the kitchen, though, these containers are one more great way to store food in our tight kitchen.  We'll probably keep expanding our set over time, freeing up more space in our scary-crowded pantry.

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