Weekend Update

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I've started writing down goals for my weekend and collaborating with A about it.  Yesterday, we sat down and breakfast and talked a little bit to make sure we're on the same page.  The joint collaborating was actually really helpful.  It allowed to split up chores and A even knocked off one of my to-do list items by putting gas in my car while he was doing something else.  Talking about everything also allowed me to get a sense of how A wanted to feel when the weekend ended.  He wanted "low-key" other than a planned Shakespeare outing. 

Things went well yesterday.  I got the laundry started, the kitchen cleaned, meals for the week planned, a picnic packed for the evening and I made it to hot yoga.

A & I organized a group outing to the Houston Shakespeare Festival at the Miller Outdoor Theater that turned out to be lots of fun.  Don't judge by this horrible picture that one of our group made a valiant effort to take right before they reminded us, no photos (although I'm sure they really meant no photos of the play).

But, after listening a lot to Colbie Caillat's "What Means the Most to Me,"  I've been refocusing on what I love most.  And it isn't finishing everything on my chore list.  Particularly on weekends, I'm up a few hours before A.  This weekend I've been climbing back in to lay around a little with A while he wakes up.  Over time, I won't remember all the unchecked items that come from taking some real time just to be together.  Some things are worth it. 

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