A nicely mixed weekend

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This weekend has been a great mix of productivity and fun.  On Friday, I stopped by a quick happy hour with the coworkers after work before kicking off the weekend with A.  Saturday morning, I finally checked out a nearby Farmer's Market, Urban Harvest, which had some interesting items, including peach almond spread, spicy mango chutney, and veggie samosas.  I picked up a beautiful box of peppers to try to work into the meal planning this week, and in the meantime, they're a beautiful fall-feeling decoration.

After the Farmer's Market, I ran to the grocery store.  Then, A and I went rug-shopping.  We've been looking for a rug for months off and on, but haven't wanted to shell out a fortune and have had slightly conflicting goals for the rug.  A has been largely utilitarian about it, he mainly wanted the rug to cover up a cord, but I have had trouble spending that much money on a piece that didn't add any color or design to our uniformly brown apartment.  Our patience actually paid off.  We found a grand total of one rug that we both liked.  After several rounds of some serious "good cop," "bad cop," we were able to negotiate the price down by $125, which made it actually affordable.  It's kind of amazing how much the rug cozies up the room. 

I managed to slip in a quick hot yoga class before making chicken and green beans for dinner.  After dinner, A & I made a Starbucks run so I could finally indulge in a pumpkin spice latte and the baristas gave us our drinks for free!  Then, I agreed to try playing videogames with A...which was a first for me.  It actually ended up being a lot of fun, which confirms that I should be more open to things like videogames and television--although I still think that severe time limits on that kind of thing make for a much fuller life.

This morning we dropped off my car in for new tires and inspection and then I set off for a four-mile run.  I am sort of training for a half-marathon, by which I mean, I am haphazardly following a training program and am still with it but am not 100% convinced that I'll actually complete it because it just seems like way too much.  That said, a year ago I might have made the same statement about four miles.  As an avid enthusiast of every type of 5k known to man, I'd managed to enjoy running that amount, but I brought myself to a complete halt at 3.1 miles and never exceeded it.  It was an invisible line that I felt I couldn't cross.  I managed to keep it up, though, even during the Houston summer and was regularly running a little over 2 miles multiple times per week, and a little over 3 every so often, even in the 100 degree weather.  Today, the temperatures dropped into the 70s and suddenly 4 miles felt the same as 2 or 3.  My feet and ankles hurt a little bit more than usual, but I could see trying for 4.5 miles next week.  5 the week after is another story, but I don't have to encounter it for two weeks :).
View of downtown Houston from the running trail that abuts our apartment.

Tonight we're heading out to the beach for a double date.  This weekend has had just a little bit of everything.

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