Quick trip to Austin

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Appellate bootcamp binder.
This past week/weekend I went to Austin for a work conference/CLE and got to spend some time with a good friend and my little sister.  Unbeatable deal.  The conference was actually really great and informative and I knocked out most of my CLE (continuing legal education) requirements for the year.  I spent the work days in typical fashion, learning things and socializing with other attorneys.

But, after the conference was over, I got to have some quality time with my little sis.  She introduced me to moon milk, some kind of magical combination of seven secret ingredients added to coffee, taught me how to SUP (stand-up paddle), and showed me the Social Work School at UT Austin.  Austin was lovely and quirky, as self-described.  And I was happy for a quick trip to a new place.
SUPing on Ladybird Lake in Austin.

Menu at Summermoon, filled with all kinds of "moon" drinks.

I got to buy my little sis a hot chocolate, coffee, ice cream drink after she had a bad day.  What else can a big sis ask for?

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