Study suggests milk is unhelpful and potentially harmful for adults

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I've become a bit jaded by health studies and health advice over the years.  It seems almost every old adage has been dismantled, but this one shocked me even more than the first time I heard that fruit could be considered unhealthy.  (For what it's worth, I still think fruit is healthy.  I acknowledge the sugar, but it comes with so much fiber and antioxidants, and I have to believe that variety is still the spice of life.)  Anyway, today we have a new study claiming to dismantle everything your mother ever told you about drinking milk.

I skimmed the article and have only skimmed the studies, so I have more research to do to be qualified to really discuss these findings, but some of my initial reactions are that the causality linking milk to early death is non-existent and I'm not sure it's even worth mentioning the correlation.  Also, while the statement that most Americans are not (known to be) vitamin-D deficient might be true, I've written several times about vitamin D, including here, and here, because a substantial percentage of Americans are vitamin-D deficient and the current thinking suggests that is no minor deal.  Finally, even today's article concludes that milk in moderation is fine--well okay--was drinking milk to an excess even a major problem?

Even with my slightly skeptical response to the alleged harm, it's certainly interesting to know that milk doesn't seem to have the protective qualities I thought it did.  For, now I'm staying put.  I don't drink enough milk that this new article will alter my behavior and who knows when this study will be overturned by the next.  Still, interesting.

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