Two years

Friday, November 21, 2014

Judge Kopf married A and I two years ago in Lincoln.  I love the memory because it felt so authentic.  I felt a little bit nervous that morning unlike on the day of our wedding celebration.  And the moment felt much more the way marriage feels.  But A hates the memory and he's entitled.  He was very sick.  Rushing out to puke outside the courtroom kind of sick.  Skipping our planned dinner celebration and returning immediately to the hospital kind of sick.  Thankfully, that day did not approximate, for him, the way marriage feels.

We are not specifically celebrating our anniversary today.  We are celebrating our lives and marriage in the way that we do every day.  We are meeting up after work at the gym to start a weight-lifting routine.  I need to begin weight-lifting to improve my health and A is just barely able to begin the process of recovering from his last super-round of chemo.  After the gym, I will try making a new sweet potato recipe and that will be lovely.

Although I won't be drawing too much attention to today, it is a marker that focuses my view on time and all of the changes that have occurred as time has passed.  What a difference two years makes!  Looking back, I'm very proud of the way we handled our first two years of marriage.

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