Holiday Series: Chocolate-covered spoons

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

These chocolate-covered spoons are adorable DIY additions to a holiday gift of hot chocolate or coffee.  This year, I'm gifting home-made hot chocolate mix and added these spoons as a cute little extra to make the hot chocolate feel just a touch more special.

I worried about making these because I had horrible experiences coating oreo balls or peanut butter balls in chocolate, but coating spoons is much much easier.  And, yes, they peeled off the wax paper at the end easily.  These spoons were a breeze.


1. Green decorating sugar (baking aisle) (optional)
2. Red decorating sugar (baking aisle) (optional)
3. White decorating pearls (baking aisle) (optional)
4. German chocolate cake bits (baking aisle) (optional)
5. Plastic spoons
6. Chocolate chips
7. White Chocolate chips (optional)
8. Butterscotch chips (optional)
9. Reeses peanut butter chips (optional)
10. Butter (2T)
11. Wax paper
12. Holiday plastic shrink wrap
13. Wire ties


1. Melt chocolate chips (or white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, etc.) in small pot over medium heat with butter, stirring until chips are thickly melted.

2. Use spatula to evenly coat chocolate mixture over spoon.

3. Set spoon on wax paper.

4. Decorate with sugar, peals, chips, mini-marshmellows, anything fun!

5. Set spoons in freezer to harden.  Leave for at least an hour.

6. Place shrink wrap around spoon and secure with wire ties.

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