My parents might move to Houston!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

My parents are going to make an offer on a property in Houston.  In a cute neighborhood in the loop.  Basically, right near us.  They may or may get this particular property in the end.  I don't know what they're bidding.  I don't know details.  But, I am so excited.  I have half-heartedly tried to be as reserved about this as possible because this is, by no means, fair to my other siblings and it isn't really fair of me to ask my parents to move to the city where I live, even though I have obviously mentioned--once, twice, or forty times--as many benefits as I can think of related to living near us.

I almost feel guilty thinking about the prospect that my life might just work out perfectly.  How often do you get to go away for your education, move home for a year and then move to a city, away from your family to pursue better jobs, and then end up with your parents following you to the new place?  Let's try never.  To be fair to my guilt-stricken self, my parents are not moving to Houston because of us.  They are really moving here because all of my mom's relatives are here and my mom has been missing those relationships in a very profound way for decades now.  Plus, Houston is warm and interesting and my dad is just going to love how many days out of the year he can be outside in the sunshine exercising.

The thing I miss most about home is my parents.  There are plenty of other things for sure, but the thing I miss most is my parents.  And missing them would only grow with time.  One of my goals for my future kids is for them to know both sets of grandparents well.  I didn't know my grandparents well until I grew up and once I got to know them I realized that I had missed out some.  My parents and A's parents are all fantastic.  If my parents are here, they will have a relationship with my kids and having that relationship come easy will allow me to focus my time and energy on developing the relationship between the kids and A's parents.  In short, I'm ecstatic.  Everything seems to be coming together.

The only thing that worries me is that last time things seemed to be unexpectedly coming together, the other shoe dropped and A got cancer.  I'm not really sure how to prevent any inevitable misfortune, but I do have a creepy feeling that things are going too well . . .

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