Single exposure to BPA linked to increased blood pressure

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The NYTimes is reporting on the results of a groundbreaking study on BPA exposure today.  BPA exposure was not something to which I had paid lots of attention, but after this study I am going to begin researching my BPA exposure immediately.

The study, published in Hypertension, which is an American Heart Association journal shows that a single exposure to BPA--drinking from a plastic cup or metal can made with BPA (or other similar chemicals) raises blood pressure two hours after exposure.  In order to determine this, researchers compared blood pressure in subjects who drank soy milk from a glass as opposed to plastic container.  Subjects who drank the soy milk from the plastic had elevated blood pressure.  While one exposure seems relatively harmless, doctors theorize that chronic raises in blood pressure contribute to cardiovascular events.

A & I do not keep canned and plastic drinks at home with the exception of Gatorade, but this seems like more motivation to avoid canned sodas and to get rid of that Gatorade.  I'll also be checking our tupperware to make sure our fleet is entirely glass and looking for other exposure because why not?

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